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What is bridging?

Bridging involves transferring transactions from a Layer 1 blockchain (like Ethereum Mainnet) to a Layer 2 blockchain (such as OP Mainnet). This process includes two main types of operations: deposits and withdrawals.

  • Deposits: When you transfer tokens from Layer 1 to Layer 2, it's called a deposit. Deposits are generally processed quickly—typically in under 10 minutes—and do not require any additional steps to finalize on Layer 2.

  • Withdrawals: Conversely, when you move tokens from Layer 2 back to Layer 1, this is known as a withdrawal. Withdrawals usually involve a mandatory 7-day waiting period for fraud prevention and may require one or two additional transactions on the base chain to complete.

  • Fast Withdrawals: The fast withdrawal mechanism offers a quicker alternative to the standard 7-day waiting period associated with withdrawing tokens from a Layer 2 to a Layer 1 blockchain. This expedited process, typically completing in about 10-15 minutes, involves leveraging a third party that provides the necessary liquidity.